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This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


Transitions are configurable shortcuts that allow members to perform more than one function in a single action in grids, Taskboards, and Testboards. Transitions can be defined for the items in your Backlog, (ie. Stories, Defects, and Test Sets; and their appropriate child items).

By default, transitions are not enabled. Following the instructions below, you can enable and define the transition triggers.

Accessing Transitions

From the Admin menu, select Configuration > Transitions.

Enabling Transitions

To configure Transitions, your Admin Privileges must be set to System Administrator.

Follow these steps to enable and configure Transitions settings:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Configuration > Transitions.

  2. Select the Enable one-click transitions as specified below check box.

  3. Choose the desired options for each transition you want to configure.

  4. Click Apply to save your changes.


The following transitions can be configured:

  • Sign Me Up. Sign Me Up is available to all members with write access to a project. As configured out of the box, selecting Sign Me Up does two things:

    • makes the member the owner of the item , AND

    • changes the status to the default transition value

  • Quick Close. Quick Close is available to all members with write access on an item and is the suggested action on tracking pages. When a user selects Quick Close:

    • changes the status to the default transition value

    • for backlog items and defects only, closes any open lower-level tasks and tests

    • Note that Quick Close does not impact Effort. If Effort is tracked in your system, it must be tracked prior to Quick Closing an item.

    • for defects only, changes to Resolution to the default configured value

    • zeros out the To Do values of ALL closed workitems

  • Status Transitions. In the Status Transitions section, you can specify the status of stories, defects, and test sets when the first task or test is updated. The Status of the story/defect will be updated as well.

Transitions do not alter the Status values in the following scenarios:

  • When the Backlog Item is assigned to Teams with a defined process.

  • When the Backlog Item is in a Project where the defined Status value is not selected in the Project Workspace.

Team Transitions

In addition to the globally defined transitions, each team can configure their own transitions under the Process tab on the Team details page. When Team Transitions are defined, they are used instead of the global transitions.

Team Transitions Configuration Screen