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Add Custom Fields, List Types (Drop-down Lists) to a Project Workspace

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


Using Project Workspaces, you can customize the user interface for each asset by choosing the fields and list values that display for each project or group of projects. A project workspace will include settings for all configurable fields of all project assets.

If your needs extend beyond the default asset fields, drop-down lists, and columns already defined in Agility, you can add your own to track specific data. Before customizing, however, note the following:

  • Custom fields, drop-down lists, and columns display site-wide.

  • To share a custom field between a Story and a Defect, add the field to "Backlog" (the system name is "Primary WorkItem"). This is helpful if you want to make it required, as it will not impact any conversions between the two asset types.

Once you have created your new Custom List Type Value, you will need to add the value to a Project Workspace. 


Administrative functions are only available to users with an Admin Privileges role of "System Administrator".

  1. From the sidebar, click the admin icon Admin.png, scroll down to the Asset Customization section and click Project Workspace Assets.
  2. Select the project you want to customize the assets for.
  3. To add the list type value to your Project, your Project needs to have it's own Project Workspace. See Creating a Project Workspace for more information.
  4. Click on your asset item from the Asset List on the right hand side. This will expand to show all of the available fields that display on your asset item.
  5. Locate the field of which your new list type value is being added to, and click Show Values for that dropdown field.
  6. Check the Display checkbox for the new "List Type Values" that you have created.
    * The Field Configuration saves automatically to your workspace.
  7. You can now access and use this value on your asset item.