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Changing/Deleting the Name of a Custom Field


You cannot delete a custom field name, but you can change the name to get the the same result and keep the historical data of old field. What this does is create a column that displays the same values as the old custom column, but with a different name. You can then use the new column name in your grids and forms. Note that the original column is still available, and if needed, you can delete it for those assets on the Custom Columns page.


  1. From the sidebar, click the admin icon Admin.png, scroll down to the Asset Customization section and click Custom Columns.
  2. Click Add Column at the top.

  3. In the Main Title field, enter a name for the field you want to rename, and click Save.

  4. Refresh the browser screen (F5), and then click Assign Field next to that new field name. Make sure the Main Type is equal to the asset type that the original field belongs to. For example, if the field is in a defect, select Defect

  5. Select the system name of the field you are renaming in the Field drop-down.