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Creating a Custom Field


Customizations can only be made by users with an Admin Privileges role of System Administrator.

  1. From the sidebar, click the admin icon Admin.png, scroll down to the Asset Customization section and click Custom Fields.
  2. In the appropriate asset section, click Add Field.
  3. Enter a Display Name, select the Field Type (defined below), and click Save.

    • Checkbox. Simple on/off selection

    • Number. Buckets can be manually updated, added and removed as necessary to reflect the impact of the passage of time

    • Date. Numeric with decimals; content is validated upon entry/update to ensure proper date formatting; display format is driven by the user's browser Language setting.

    • Text. One line text box.

    • Rich Text. Multi-line text box with formatting capabilities; cannot be edited directly within grids.

  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Custom Fields page, and then click the Publish Changes button. All unpublished fields will be immediately available within the system.