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Adding Custom Fields, List Types (Drop-down Lists), and Columns

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


If your needs extend beyond the default asset fields, drop-down lists, and columns already defined in Agility, you can add your own to track specific data. Before customizing, however, note the following:

  • Custom fields, drop-down lists, and columns display site-wide.

  • To share a custom field between a Story and a Defect, add the field to "Backlog" (the system name is "PrimaryWorkItem"). This is helpful if you want to make it required, as it will not impact any conversions between the two asset types.

  • Custom fields migrated from releases prior to R6 require that a column be created in order for them to display in the application. See Creating Custom Columns below to enable these fields.

Customizations can only be made by users with an Admin Privileges role of System Administrator.