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Changing or Renaming Labels Prior to Spring 2016 (16.1)

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The method for changing system labels names changed in the Spring 2016 (16.1) Agility release. If you are using a version older than 16.1, follow the instructions in this article to rename the default label names and terminology installed on your instance.

If you are running Spring 2016 (16.1), visit Configuring Terminology and Localization for instructions.

For Hosted Instances

  • Current Customers: Send localization requests directly to

  • Evaluation/Trial Customers: Submit your localization change request to your account representative.

On-Premise (Local) Instances

Making additional terminology changes requires that you create and upload a special text file to your Web Server. This is a localization file that includes all default terms you want to override with your company terms or translations. 

  1. Create a new text file called en.Company.txt. Make sure you use the correct language code in the first two characters of the file name (e.g., en.Company.txt is the English version, fr.Company.txt is the French version, etc.).

  2. For only the items you want to change, type your localized terms in the following format: DefaultVersionOneTerm=YourCompanySpecificTerm.
    Tip: You can lookup the names of the default terms in the en.Base.txt file, which is located in the same directory.

  3. Copy the new file to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\(your instance name)\Strings on your Web server.


If Soothing Software wanted to use "Feature" instead of "Backlog Item" used in their Scrum methodology, they would create a new file called en.Company.txt and add only the two lines shown in the example above. When copied into the Strings directory on the Web server, this file contains the terminology that overrides the default terms used in both the en.Base.txt file and the Scrum terminology file.