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Changing or Renaming Units of Measure

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



By default, Agility grids do not display units of measure. To view them, you have to first customize the grid to show or hide the columns you want to use to track your work.

Example: Soothing Software added Story Points at the Estimate level and Hours at the Tracking level for Detail Estimate, Effort and To Do entries.

Where Can You See Units of Measure

Units of measure display in many places throughout Agility, as explained below.

Where Description

At the Portfolio Item Level

  • Swag is the a guess at the size of a Portfolio Item and can be measured in the same units as Work Items, or in other higher level unit.

At the Story/Backlog Item Level

  • Estimate is the estimate is the size of a backlog item or defect and is often measured in units of Story Points, Ideal Days or other higher level units.

At the Tracking Level

  • Detail Estimate is the size typically ascribed to an individual task or defect, though it may also be defined for a story, test set, or test in some environments. Detail Estimate is typically defined in terms of hours and is used to help team members sign up for an appropriate amount of work within each sprint.

  • Effort is an optional measure used to track actual time spent completing tasks, defects or other work assigned a detail estimate. Effort is entered as an incremental transaction that is tied to the project, item (backlog item, defect, test set, task, or test), sprint and member for which it was entered. Effort is, by default, attributed to the member who enters it, although entry grids can be customized to attribute effort to another team member. Effort is typically entered in units of hours.

  • Done is the accumulated total of Effort. Where Effort is an entry field, Done is the displayed total.

  • To Do is the amount of work remaining left to complete a task.

In Reports

Applicable reports will use the Unit value in the axis label when reporting data for that unit of measure


  1. Select AdminConfiguration > Terminology.

  2. Click in the Long Label or Short Label cell and type the new term.

  3. Click Save.