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Changing Asset Fields that Display Globally


This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


By default, a preset list of fields display on system asset pages. These are the fields that display in assets that are not bound to a specific project (changesets, sprints/iterations, members, and projects) and display globally throughout the system. You can customize member pages by showing or hiding fields and/or making them required. Follow the steps in this article for instructions.


  • Project Administrators and System Administrators can only change the fields that display in the projects for which they have administrator access.
  • Note that all the changes are immediately applied to the system.
  • Removing a field from display does not remove the data that has been previously entered.
  1. From the Admin menu, select Display Fields > Global Assets tab.

  2. Expand the asset (Changeset, Sprint/Iteration, Member, or Project) that contains the field(s) you want to change.