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On-Demand (V1 Hosted) Maintenance

Schedule of automatic system maintenance activities that keep your On Demand (V1 hosted) software updated with the latest fixes.


  • For common requests (such as upgrading if you're not automatically upgraded), email your account director who can schedule it at your convenience through our automated systems.  

  • For non-urgent, nonstandard requests (such as localization), submit a ticket to support.  Requests are fulfilled on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 9PM -11PM ET.

  • For urgent or time sensitive requests, submit a ticket to support.  The support team will work with you to coordinate the timing for fulfillment of the request. 

Notification Procedures

  • An email will be sent to the requestor confirming the timing of the maintenance.

  • For all manual requests, an email will be sent to the requestor upon fulfillment of the maintenance.

Point-Release Updates

In order to keep customer instances up-to-date with the latest fixes for their given release level, point-release updates are scheduled for the weekend following the posting of the point-release.  They are scheduled in batch (by edition and license type) after hours.  Since they are executed serially on each server (to minimize overall load), the specific timing of an update for a given instance is not known, however they are offline for minutes at most during the time the instance is being updated.

Server Maintenance

Server maintenance consists of activities that ensure the On-Demand environment continues to perform in a secure, reliable manner.  They include upgrades/patches to server software, hardware, and other infrastructure related maintenance.

Schedule Agility’s On-Demand Maintenance Window is Friday at 11PM -12:30AM Eastern Time.  Usage of the maintenance windows averages about 1.5 times per month (primarily for server patching).

Maintenance notifications are posted on System Status.

Notification Procedures

  • If the downtime is more than 10 minutes, a scheduled maintenance message is returned to users who access the system, so they are aware of the reason for the downtime.

  • If the scheduled maintenance is anticipated to take one or more servers offline for an extended period of time (i.e. greater than 90 minutes), a proactive Scheduled Maintenance Notification is sent to instance admins at least one week in advance of the activity, so the admin can notify its users and plan accordingly.  In urgent maintenance situations that cannot wait until the following Friday, notice will be sent as soon as possible.

Service Interruption

Service Interruptions are defined as when the Agility instance is unavailable or use of the service is highly impaired outside of the scheduled maintenance window. Check our System Status page if you're experiencing a Service Interruption.

Notification Procedures

  • If one or more servers are unavailable, a Service Interruption Notification is sent as soon as possible to system administrators for all active* instances hosted on those servers.

  • If possible, an emergency maintenance message is returned to users who access the system, so they are aware of the reason for the downtime.

  • If a customer has sent a request to support concerning the outage, support will send a resolution email message upon resolution.

* ‘Active’ is defined as having been used in the past 7 days.