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Uninstalling Agility Core

Follow these steps to uninstall the Agility core application.

What action do you want to take?

setup_-_uninstall_screen.pngIf an existing instance of Agility is detected on the machine, you are presented with a panel that requires you to choose an action before proceeding. The default action is to upgrade the existing instance. You may also remove an instance or install a new instance. To install a new instance, choose that option and click Next.

Select from these installed instances:

setup_-_select_from_installed_instances.png When upgrading or removing an instance you must specify an instance for the action. This panel is only presented if more than one instance is installed on the machine. Once you choose an instance, the next button is enabled.

Should the database be preserved or deleted?

setup_-_preserve_or_delete_database.pngWhen removing an instance of Agility, you need to decide if you want the database destroyed. If you choose delete, the database is removed and cannot be recovered, unless you have a backup.

Setup is ready to perform the following actions:

setup_-_ready_to_perform_delete.pngThis panel allows you to review the changes that setup is about to make. Click Next to apply the changes.

Please wait while Setup installs ...

setup_11.pngThis panel allows you to view the progress of the changes being made.

Setup completed successfully.

setup_-_completed_successfully.pngWhen setup successfully uninstalls Agility, you receive a small window indicating this fact. Click OK to close setup.