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Inactive List Type value available on Project Workspace

Q: Why am I able to create a Portfolio Item with a "Type" option that has been inactivated on the Roadmap Board view page, via the 'adder' button?

A: Once a list type value has been inactivated via the Admin List Type page, you should not be able to create any new items via the adder button. This has been identified as a defect. 

The workaround solution until this has been resolved, is to de-select the field from displaying on the Project Workspace Assets page for your projects.

You will need to have an Admin Privilege role of System Admin


To do this, please see the steps below>

1). Hover over the "Admin Configuration" wheel, displaying in the upper right corner of the page, to display the 'Admin menu', and select the "Display Fields" option.

2). Hover over the blue "Display Fields" tab, in the top header bar, and select the "Project Workspace Assets" option.

3). Select your Projects that you are working in, from the "Project list", displaying on the left side of the page. You may want to de-select this for all projects.

4). Click on the " > " button for "Portfolio Item" from the list of assets on the main portion of the page. This will expand to show all of the available fields that display on the portfolio item's details page.

5). In the list that expands, scroll down to "Type", and then click on the "Show Values" link. This will display all available Type values.

6). Locate the "Inactivated" value, and de-select the "Display" checkbox.

*This affects post Winter 2018 18.0 release.