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Using Tasks to Breakdown Stories/Backlog Items

This feature is available in all editions.



Tasks can be used to break down a backlog item into manageable units to be worked by the development team. They are typically created during the sprint planning process. Tasks can vary in size based on the development team's experience and the sprint length, but a range of 2 hours to 2 days of effort is often considered an appropriate task size. Tasks can have one or more owners, which allows assignments to an individual or a group of team members.


reporting at the sprint or project level includes those totals only once for the task.

Tracking Tasks

Task tracking typically involves updating the following core aspects:

  • Owner - you can sign up for a task you are taking on
  • Status - update the status to reflect tasks that are in progress or completed
  • To Do - how many hours remain on the task
  • Effort/Done - (Optional based on configuration) you enter how much Effort was expended since the last update; Done reflects an accumulation of all entered Effort

Task owners can track the status of tasks from the following locations within Agility:

Close a task that has been completed and has no remaining work. Closed tasks are filtered out of tracking pages by default, so this helps to keep your views clean and focused on what's left.