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Moving Items to a New Sprint

This feature is available in all editions.



Moving a story or defect moves all of its associated tasks and tests with it. Any Effort (Done) expended against items while in this sprint still remain attached to the current sprint for reporting purposes.

Before you can delete or close a sprint/iteration, all items must be first be deleted or moved to another sprint. This article provides the tips for moving them.

How to Move Items to a New Sprint

  1. In the main menu, select Review > Close Sprint (or Close Iteration).

  2. Select a project in the Project Navigator.

  • If the next sprint exists, select the items in the Remaining Items in the Backlog grid, and them drag and drop them to the Next Sprint/Iteration box.

  • If the next sprint has not yet been created, click Add Next Sprint/Iteration in the Next Sprint/Iteration container at top right to create it.

To move multiple items at once, you can also select rows and use the multi-select menu Move to Sprint/Iteration option to move the selected items.