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Viewing and Editing the Sprint Details Page


The Sprint Details page allows you to view and update all the information associated with a sprint.

About the Sprint Details Page

From the Sprint Details page, you can view all the information associated with a sprint. Depending on your role, you can also edit, close, and delete a sprint, change the sprint state, view the scorecard, and see the change history.


To close a sprint, your Admin Privileges role must be set to Project Lead or higher and your Project role must be set to Team Member or higher. Refer to Why can't I edit Sprint/Iteration Details? for instructions.

  1. From the main menu, click Team > Sprint Planning > Sprint Scheduling.

  2. Select a project in the Project Navigator.

  3. Click on a sprint name to view the details on the right-pane.

  4. If you want to modify sprint details, click Edit.

  5. In the Sprint window, change sprint information as appropriate, and then click Save.

Additional Things You Can Do

On the Sprint Page, you can also perform these tasks:

If you want to...

Do this...

Access the Sprint Scorecard

Click the Scorecard tab. See Sprint Scorecard for details.

View the sprint change history

Click the History tab. See Viewing the Change History of an Asset for details.

Close the sprint

Select Close from the Edit drop-down button.

To learn more about what happens when you close a sprint, see Closing a Sprint .

Change the state of the sprint to Future

Select Future from the Edit drop-down button.

Delete the sprint

Select Delete from the Edit drop-down button.

  • If the Delete button is not available, it means that the sprint still contains items. See Deleting a Sprint for details.

See assets related to the sprint

Click the Show Relationships button. See Managing Sprint Relationships.