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Member Planning

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The Member Planning page is divided into the following three sections so you can see a roll up of all the work in the current sprint by a member. The Member Planning page enables you to determine work allocation total for each member, determine if anyone is overloaded or under-loaded, and reassign work if needed.

  • Sprint Summary
    Compare the rollup values in the current sprint with that of the last closed sprint.

  • Members
    Lists the workitems assigned to each team member within the Sprint, along with Capacity, Detail Estimate, and To Do values.

  • No Owners 
    See the items that have not yet been assigned to a team member.

If team members are pairing on a task or other item and it is assigned to two owners, that task will show up under each of the owners. Customize the grid to view the Allocated versions of the Detail Estimate and To Do columns instead of the default columns. The Allocated columns factor in the pairing, allowing you to see appropriate rollup totals for each member.


The grid at the bottom of the page can be used by teams who work in a queue structure. Once a team member completes a workitem, the member can view this list to find the next available workitem, assign it to themselves, and begin work on it.