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Sprint Member Capacity Planning

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Sprint Member Capacity Planning allows members and teams to capture detailed hourly capacity targets so they can define the amount of workload on a sprint-by-sprint basis, and understand when they have exceeded their hourly capacity (or limit).

Member Capacity planning is optional, as most Agile teams do not need to actively plan down to this level of detail. But for teams whose member participation varies from one sprint to another, it can be a helpful tool when planning the details of each sprint. You can use the historical reporting data to gauge each team member's historical capacity and factor in any known impacts (for example, training, holidays, and so on) for the upcoming sprints.

Member Capacity planning entry is designed to be done at the project level at which the work is to be done. These values do not roll-up, or prorogate down, to other nodes in the project hierarchy.   A single member can enter capacity in multiple locations if working on multiple projects or with multiple Teams. 

Member Capacity planning on the sprint level is done on a sprint-by-sprint basis. It is not the same as capacity planning at the release or team level, which applies to all the sprints in a release. For more information about release-level planning, see Release Capacity Planning.