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Viewing Individual Member Load Trend Detail Estimate

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



Capacity Planning in Agility enables members and teams to capture detailed capacity targets so they can define the amount of workload on a sprint-by-sprint basis and understand when they have exceeded their capacity (or limit).

You can also report on individual member capacity estimates in the same manner.


  1. Click Team > Sprint Planning > Member Capacity.

  2. Click Filter to open the drop-down and select to show by Member Group or to Show All Contributing Members.

  3. Expand the Team to which the member you want to report on is assigned.

  4. In the Member row, click the Report icon Report.png to set up the report for the selected team member.
    The Member Load Trend (Detail Estimate) print window opens.

  5. Click Go. The system generates the report based on your filter criteria.

  6. Click Print to print a paper copy, or click PDF to generate an electronic copy. You can also click the Chart Context Menu  in the upper right corner under the action buttons to save the report as a PNG graphic, download it as a CSV file, or download it as an XLS spreadsheet.