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Sprint/Iteration Scheduling

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



Sprint/Iteration Scheduling is the first step in the sprint/iteration planning process. During this step, the team selects the amount of work it can deliver from the prioritized backlog, and using historical velocity as a guide, determines how much to schedule in each sprint.

In Lifecycle, this is done on the Sprint Scheduling page. Here, you can view sprint details, and schedules for individual teams, or across all teams for a selected project, including the following summary information:

  • Sprint/iteration start and end dates

  • Cumulative estimate for each sprint (and progress bars showing amount of work completed for active sprints/iterations)

  • Number of stories and defects to be worked during the sprint with their estimates

Closed Sprints and their details are viewable by selecting "Show Closed".
*Note: Only the most recent six closed sprints will display in the Summary list. To view all closed sprints, can be viewed from the Project Details page.