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Sprint/Iteration Review

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



At the end of each sprint/iteration, or periodically if using kanban, the team reviews the backlog to see what was completed (closed) and determine what work is unfinished. Unfinished workitems can be moved to the another sprint so the team gets partial credit for the work that was completed.

When all the items have been closed or moved, the team can then close the sprint.

After the sprint is closed, the team then conducts a Retrospective meeting to ensure that their processes and norms continue to evolve in a positive direction. As they identify issues, they can record them on the Agility Retrospectives page and later create additional stories as needed.

The Sprint/Iteration Review page is a good end-of-sprint view that shows the status of the work performed during the sprint.

Refer to these resources for helpful insight on reviewing your sprint.