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Accessing Sprint/Iteration Tracking

On the main menu, click Team followed by any option under Sprint Tracking to:

  • sign up for new work

  • update the status of tasks and tests

  • update the status of backlog items, defects, and test sets

  • update remaining To Do estimates (at least daily)

  • update Effort expended (if tracking Effort)

The remaining To Do represents the true state of a sprint at any given time and is represented visually in the sprint burndown report. As the sprint progresses, the remaining To Do required to complete the sprint's tasks should decrease. By consistently managing the total remaining effort of all the tasks, a very clear picture of the overall sprint status is communicated. If the sprint is nearing completion and it appears that the remaining work will not approach zero by the end of the sprint, the team and/or product owner may elect to take appropriate measures, such as reducing scope.