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Why don't the totals on the Detail Tracking page match the sum of the stories displayed?

This feature is available in all editions.



Potential Cause/Resolution


All backlog items aren't displayed

Check to see if Closed items have been filtered out.

  • Use the filter in the grid to check the Include Closed Items checkbox.

    Closed items will be included in the summary totals at the top, but are filtered out of the list at the bottom by default.

Check other filters if this doesn't fix the problem.

Items moved to or from another sprint

Done Hrs. amounts can differ if Effort Hrs. was logged in one sprint and the item is subsequently moved to another sprint.

  • The Total Done Hrs. in the sprint summary is a total of Effort Hrs. logged against that sprint. The Total Done Hrs. for each item in the grid shows the total Effort logged against that item, regardless of project or sprint.

  • View the Tracking History (the 'H' link in the grid rows) to see where the Effort Hrs. was logged against a specific item. The Effort Quicklist (Reports > All Reports > Sprint Reports > Effort Quicklist) shows the details across a number of items. These views show why those two values are different.

Item was deleted after hours were logged to it

Prior to being deleted, an item could have had hours logged to it. That would leave the hours in the Sprint Summary without showing the details in the grid.

  • Go to the Effort Quicklist report (Effort Tracking must be enabled) to see Effort transactions. If the effort was logged and then the item was deleted, it would still show the transaction but without the associated task.