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Using TeamRooms

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The hallmarks of Agile development are collaboration and adaptation with focus on the work. These characteristics are not possible without the ability to assess the work, decide on solutions, and communicate across teams. 

To support these, the Agility TeamRoom™  feature is a dedicated team-based environment designed to facilitate a team's daily activities by allowing teams to plan, track, and collaborate in a central, consolidated view.

  • No matter what framework they practice, each team can configure their TeamRooms to for iteration-based sprints (Scrum, XP, etc.) or continuous flow (Kanban) to support the way they work.

  • Each TeamRoom can be personalized with mascots and avatars and display the information panels that matter most.

  • Team-based WIP limits can be set and team progress can be visualized with velocity metrics and charts.