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Metrics Available in Sprint/Iteration TeamRooms

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



The upper right corner of the TeamRoom page displays metrics to provide insight into the work being delivered.  The values seen here are based on the TeamRoom configuration, and do not consider any work. 

The following metrics to provide insight into your TeamRoom's project context:

Available Reports

  • Planned Velocity is the sum of estimates included in the selected sprints/iterations.

  • Average Velocity is the average of the past six sprints/iterations.

  • Velocity Chart gives a graphical representation of the past six sprints/iterations.

  • Sprint Burndown shows the sum of open ToDo remaining over time for the currently selected sprints/iterations.

The planned velocity and sprint burndown are generated based on the selected sprint.

Other TeamRoom Metrics

In addition to these metrics, you can enable the Scorecard panel for additional metrics about the work items in this TeamRoom.