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Sprint/Iteration Planning Board in TeamRooms

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



TeamRoom™  feature is a dedicated team-based environment designed to facilitate a team's daily activities by allowing teams to plan, track, and collaborate in a central, consolidated view.

The Sprint/Iteration Planning Board helps you create, track, and plan sprint/iteration activities for your team from within the TeamRooms screen. This feature is perfect for a SAFe® PI Planning session where multiple teams work together to plan for a 10-week program increment. 

The Iteration planning board is part of the Winter 2021 v 21.0 release and will not be available in older releases.

Accessing the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board

Follow these steps to access the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board for your TeamRoom:

  1. On the Utility Bar, click the Rooms icon Rooms_icon.png followed by TeamRooms.

  2. Click the name of the TeamRoom.

  3. Click the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board toggle to enable it. The Sprint/Iteration Planning Board appears with all work items planned for various sprints for the selected project. 
    Sprint/Iteration Planning Board

Sprint/Iteration planning

  • To create a new sprint/iteration from this board, click the Add Iteration button at the top-right corner of the board.
  • To add a workitem to a sprint/iteration, drag it from the Backlog section of the TeamRoom and drop it on to a sprint/iteration in the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board.
  • To remove a workitem from a sprint/iteration, drag it from the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board and drop it to the Backlog section of the TeamRoom.

Sprint/Iteration tracking

  • To view downstream dependencies between different workitems in the same sprint/iteration or across different sprints/iterations, enable the Dependency Lines toggle.
  • The color of the progress bar on the second row of the sprint grid indicates the difference between the Planned Estimate and Target Estimate. This is same as the progress bar displayed in the Sprint/Iteration Scheduling page.
    If the Show by Workitem Count option is enabled in Agility Preferences, this bar indicates the difference between the number of planned and target workitems.
    • Red indicates that the Target Estimate meets or exceeds the Planned Estimate.
    • Green indicates that the Target Estimate is less than the Planned Estimate.


Customizing the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board

The story cards displayed in the Sprint/Iteration Planning Board can be grouped based on different criteria such as Team, Epic, Priority, and so on. 

By default, the grouping criteria is set to Team.

To change this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the wrench icon  wrench_icon.pngat the top-right corner of the board.
  2. In the Customize Iteration Planning Board dialog box, select a Group By option and click Save.