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Taskboard Reporting

This feature is available in all editions.



Two inline reports allow you to review statistics for the current view of your Taskboard:

  • Standup Dashboard Report
    Displays a high-level view of team progress through its sprint workload. The dashboard gives a snapshot view of the remaining work To Do burndown, the cumulative flow by status, and a picture of the current view of your Taskboard.

  • Burndown Report
    Displays the progression of a team through its sprint workload by showing the amount of work remaining to be done (To Do) versus the expected (ideal) schedule. The remaining work appears to 'burn down' as the team completes more work over the period of time viewed.


  1. Select Team > Iteration Tracking (or Sprint Tracking) > Taskboard.

  2. Click Reports: Standup Dashboard for the dashboard report, or open the drop-down list and select Burndown.

  3. For the Burndown report, filter the data to be included in the report from the drop-down lists (Sprint, Team, Backlog Group, Workitem, Start Date, Duration, and whether you want to include all projects) then click Go. The bar graph populates with the appropriate detail. For the Standup Dashboard report, click Configure to change the start and end date of the report.

  4. Click Print to print a paper copy, or click PDF to generate an electronic copy. You can also click the Chart Context Menu Chart_Context_Menu.png in the upper right corner under the action buttons to save the report as a PNG graphic, download it as a CSV file, or download it as an XLS spreadsheet.