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Tracking and Updating Stories from the Taskboard

This feature is available in all editions.



Story cards display in the left column on the Taskboard. Each card shows the backlog item ID and title, status, owner, and total work estimate. Backlog items may be shown to be blocked by issues. The Block action provides a convenient way to create or assign a blocking issue to a backlog item. The Blocked Icon link appears on the backlog item when it is blocked, and offers fast access to viewing, assigning, adding, and removing blocked issues.


A summary section in the right column shows current test results and the total remaining To Do for each backlog item. Test status for each row is displayed as a stacked bar, indicating the relative number of items in each status. Hover over the indicator to see an itemized count of tests by status value.


  1. On the main menu, click Team > Taskboard.

    • Select the project for which you want to review team summaries from the project tree at the top.

    • Select the sprint you want to track from the Sprint drop-down list.

    • Select the team you want to track from the Team drop-down list.

  2. Open the Filter drop-down menu and select a filtering option to focus on a subset of backlog items. To focus only on tasks assigned to an individual owner, select the owner's name in the Highlight Owner field at the top of the board. This action fades out all tasks not assigned to the highlighted owner so that you can see how the task owner fits into the overall project/sprint picture (as opposed to selecting Owner from the Filter drop-down, which isolates the view to show only that owner's tasks, removing all others from the board).

  3. Hover over any Backlog Card title to see a detailed description of the item. To update an item, click the vertical ellipsis vertical_ellipsis_icon.png icon at the top right corner of the Task card and select the appropriate action.