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Generating/Creating a Test Set

This feature is available in all editions.



You can generate a test set when you first create a sprint/iteration (and editing later) during sprint planning.


  1. Go to Release Planning > Regression Planning.

  2. Select a regression plan in the left menu, and then select a regression suite. The Summary window opens for the selected suite.

  3. Expand the Test Set section, and then click the Generate button.

  4. In the Generate Test Set window, enter a Title, and then select a Project to associate it with.

  5. Next, select an Environment, Sprint/Iteration, Team, Backlog Group, or Portfolio Item.

  6. Click OK to save the test set, or click OK & New to save and add another test set. The system adds your new test set and assigns it a unique ID (TS-nnnnn).

Managing Test Set Environments

You can pair a regression suite with an environment (or technology platform) to generate a test set that can be scheduled for execution within a sprint/iteration. In the process, each regression test becomes an executable acceptance test. Note that Environments cannot be deleted, but they can be closed so they don't display in the Environment drop-down list. Simply, open the details page of the associated test set, click on the environment name, and then click on the Close Environment button.


ENV 01001 FF  Linux  Oracle.png


Alternatively, you can access environments via the API, and use our http post utility to close the environment.  See API for more information.