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Generating/Creating a Test Set

This feature is available in all editions.



You can generate a test set when you first create a sprint/iteration (and editing later) during sprint planning.


  1. Go to Release Planning > Regression Planning.

  2. Select a regression plan in the left menu, and select a regression suite. The Summary window opens for the selected suite.

  3. Expand the Test Set section, and then click the Generate button.

  4. In the Generate Test Set window, enter a Title, and then select a Project to associate it with.

  5. Next, select an Environment, Sprint/Iteration, Team, Backlog Group, or Portfolio Item.
    Note: If no environments are available, click New Environment... and create a new environment.

  6. Click OK to save the test set, or click OK & New to save and add another test set. The system adds your new test set and assigns it a unique ID (TS-nnnnn).

Managing Test Set Environments

You can pair a regression suite with an environment (or technology platform) to generate a test set that can be scheduled for execution within a sprint/iteration. In the process, each regression test becomes an executable acceptance test. To remove an environment from a test set, open the details page of the associated test set, click on the Environment field, and set it to empty.