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Creating a Notification Subscription Alert

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



From the Subscriptions page, you can subscribe to work item events so you receive notification alerts changes impact your work items.

For example, if you want to know when a backlog item is assigned to you, you can set up a subscription to notify you. You could also set up one to let you known when a when a backlog item is closed, or even when the status of a defect changes. This way, you can keep track of the things interest you the most. 

You will not receive notifications for changes you make, only for changes made by others.


  1. On the sidebar, click clipboard_e8ccab35468fc3d993a0b8d05059e927c.png > My Views > Subscriptions.

  2. In the Notifications Types grid, click + to expand a section.

  3. Click the Subscribe button for each notification you'd like to receive. Refer to the Alert Triggers section to see what events trigger alerts.

  4. Fill out the subscription form and make your filtering choices.

  5. Click Subscribe again to save the subscription. 

    • Your new subscription will display in the My Subscriptions section of the page.

Alert Triggers

The following table details the events that trigger notification alerts.



Backlog Group

  • Backlog Group Closed

  • Backlog Group Created

  • Backlog Group Deleted

  • Backlog Group Owners Added

  • Backlog Group Owners Removed

  • Backlog Group Reopened


  • Defect Closed

  • Defect Created

  • Defect Deleted

  • Defect Owners Added

  • Defect Owners Removed

  • Defect Reopened

  • Defect Status Changed

  • Defect Team Changed


  • Issue Closed

  • Issue Created

  • Issue Deleted

  • Issue Owner Changed

  • Issue Reopened

  • Issue Team Changed

Portfolio Item

  • Portfolio Item Closed

  • Portfolio Item Created

  • Portfolio Item Deleted

  • Portfolio Item Reopened

  • Portfolio Item Status Changed


  • Request Closed

  • Request Created

  • Request Deleted

  • Request Owner Changed

  • Request Reopened

  • Request Status Changed


Backlog Item

  • Story Closed

  • Story Created

  • Story Deleted

  • Story Owners Added

  • Story Owners Removed

  • Story Reopened

  • Story Status Changed

  • Story Team Changed


  • Task Closed

  • Task Created

  • Task Deleted

  • Task Owners Added

  • Task Owners Removed

  • Task Reopened


  • Test Closed

  • Test Created

  • Test Deleted

  • Test Owners Added

  • Test Owners Removed

  • Test Reopened

Test Set

  • Test Set Closed

  • Test Set Created

  • Test Set Deleted

  • Test Set Owners Added

  • Test Set Owners Removed

  • Test Set Reopened

  • Test Set Status Changed

  • Test Set Team Changed

Reading/Receiving Notifications

Depending on how you work, you can choose to receive notifications by email, through RSS news feeds, in VersionOne Mobile Connect, and on your My Inbox page. Refer to these articles to learn more about the available options for receiving and reading alerts.