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How do I track release progress?

This feature is available in all editions.



Use the metrics and graphs available on My Dashboard.


  1. Select My Home > My Views > My Dashboard.

  2. Select the release you'd like to track in "My Projects".

  3. Select the metrics and reports or graphs you'd like to see.

    • To adjust the Project Grid, click the settings button (Wrench Icon) in the right hand corner of the grid.

    • To select reports and graphs click Add Chart.

Reading Burndown Graphs

Burndown graphs show the trend of completed and remaining functionality as the team progresses through the release. The graph represents the entire amount of time scheduled within the release. For the team to complete all work, the slope of the Remaining functionality should move from the upper left to the lower right and aim towards zero by the end of the graph. Mouse over any point on the graph to see a listing of the specific numeric value for that data point.

Additional Information

If more information is required, take a look at the other graphs available on the dashboard to understand other trends and the velocity of the project team. Select View to see the full graph for any of the project dashboard displays, where filters are often available to refine the slice of data being viewed and a legend is displayed to fully depict all displayed items.