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Setting Up Ideas

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Ideas is a request management system that can be integrated into Agility (Ultimate Edition only). It gives your organization a platform to capture, collaborate on, and prioritize customer feature requests (called ideas), providing more and deeper insight into the needs of the community you serve. To learn more about how Ideas works, see Ideas.

Getting Started with Ideas

Step 1. Request Ideas

Contact your Agility account representative to request that Ideas be activated within your Agility instance. When you receive the activation confirmation email from support, follow the steps below to configure Ideas.

Step 2. Activate Ideas

For On-Demand (V1 Hosted) Instances...

On-Demand (V1 Hosted) Agility instances do not require any additional setup actions. Skip to Step 3. Add Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below for further instructions.

For On-Premise Instances...

  1. From sidebar, click Admin Admin.png > System Administration > Ideas > Activation.
  2. Select the Enabled check box, and then enter the URL and Activation Code you received in the activation confirmation email from Agility.
  3. Click Test Connection to make sure the systems can successfully communicate, and then click Save.

Step 3. Add Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Recommended)

Add Terms of Use

By default, Ideas users are not required to agree to your Terms of Use policy before using Ideas. If your users are external to your company, we recommend that you enable and set up this feature so that they accept the policy as part of the registration process. Note that the Terms of Use policy displays in a popup window on the sign up page and in all of the page footers.

Add the Privacy Policy

In addition to the Terms of Use, you can also add your Privacy Policy. A link to your privacy policy will display in the page footer.​ 

Step 4. Brand and Customize Your Customer Ideas Site (Optional)

If you want to customize the look and feel of your customer-facing Ideas site, you can do so by changing the logo and content in the headers and footers.

Step 5. Add Internal Ideas Administrators

Now, you can specify the members in your organization who will be Ideas Administrators. Ideas Administrators will be able to see the Ideas menu options so they can manage and delegate forum management tasks to other members.

Access to the Ideas menu options are only visible to members who have been assigned the Ideas Administrator role.

​Step 6. Configure Ideas Notification Emails (Optional)

You can set up your Ideas system to send email notifications to users to keep them informed of new developments on the ideas they submitted or commented on.

Step 7. Set Up the Initial Forum and Add Ideas

New Ideas systems are populated with one default public forum and one category. We suggest that you start by modifying the default forum and category, and then add more as needed. To get discussions started, you can seed your new forums by adding ideas that product owners have submitted in the past or from upcoming roadmap items. This must be done manually as there is no option to generate Ideas forum entries from within Agility.

For instructions, see:

To keep new a new forum under wraps prior to launching, you can change the forum security to Private and leave the text area blank so that no can access the forum.

Step 8. Invite Users to the Forum

That's it! Now you can send your customers invitations to sign up. If you have created any private forums, it's helpful to remind them that they will not be able to submit or vote on ideas until the registration process is complete.