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ALM Connect - Services Pre-Check and Software Installation

This article guides ALM Connect administrators through the initial steps required to install ALM Connect prior to the services engagement. This will ensure the engagement has solid foundation to start from.

Step 1. Setup Requirements

Before you begin, refer to ALM Connect Install Requirements to ensure setup requirements are satisfied.

Step 2. Database Prerequisites

Step 3. ALM Connect Setup Executable

  1. Right click on the ALM Connect executable and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

  2. Click NEXT on the installer from the launch screen.

  3. Review the license agreement and ensure "I acknowledge and agree with the above." is selected, click NEXT

  4. Click NEXT on the license screen to install the default trial license, the full license will be sent by VersionOne.

  5. Select the ALM Connect installation path, click NEXT

Step 4. Installation Selection

  1. Provide a company name.

  2. Select your database type for the installation, the embedded HSQL IS NOT RECOMMENDED for production. 

Step 5. Installation Complete - Setup Shortcuts

Step 6. Installation Success - Click DONE

This completes the installation setup. Note that the default user is "admin" and the default password is "password".  This is the stopping point until the services engagement begins.