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ALM Connect - Oracle Prerequisites and Setup


These instructions ensure that the steps performed prior to ALM Connect installation and the steps required during installation are correct for Oracle.

Ensure the oracle user provided during setup has the following rights:

  • Create/Alter/Drop any table, Query Rewrite, Global Query Rewrite

  • Create/Drop any View

  • Create/Alter/Drop any Procedure

  • Create any Directory


  1. Click here to download the Oracle connector file.

  2. Move the file to a root location such as c:\Oracle_Connector

  3. Take note of the path to the classes12.jar file as it is required during setup.

ALM Connect Oracle Setup

  1. On the oracle setup step during installation provide the following:

    • Database Host Name (ex. localhost)

    • Database Port Number

    • Database User Name

    • Database User Password

    • Oracle Instance Name

  2. Browse to the location of the classes12.jar file.

  3. Click NEXT to continue the installation.