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Workitem Trends

The Workitem Trends data object can be used to create reports that trends VersionOne workitem data over time or to view Workitem attribute values on a specific date. The workitem types available are Stories, Defects, Test Sets, Tasks, and Tests.   Each row in this table represents a single workitem on a given day.


The following attributes are available on this Data Object

  • Estimate
  • Detail Estimate
  • ToDo
  • Done
  • Any Custom Numeric field on Stories, Defects, Test Sets, Task and Test

All columns are semi-additive, meaning that they are cumulative only for a given day.


The following relationships are available after you select the Workitem Trends data source in Custom Reporting

Asset Type Values

Customer Details

Date Details

Defect Resolution Details

Defect Type Details

Environment Details

Epic Details

Epic Hierarchy

Goal Assignment

Iteration Details

Project Details

Project Hierarchy

Regression Plan Details

Regression Suite Details

Regression Test Details

Split From Workitem Details

Story Complexity Values

Story Type Values

Task and Test Details

Task or Test Asset State Values

Task Source Values

Task Status Values

Task Type Values

Team Details

Test Status Values

Test Type Values

Theme Details

Theme Hierarchy

Verified By Details

Workitem Details

Workitem Owners

Workitem Priority Values

Workitem Source Values

Workitem State Values

Workitem Status Values