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Learning the Interface

IMPORTANT: Unless specifically stated otherwise, use of the word 'report' or 'reports' in the description functionality implies both reports and dashboards.

Custom Reporting as two tabs: one for Personal Reports and another for Shared Reports. The Personal Reports tab will display a list of reports, dashboards and folders specific to the logged in user. The Shared Reports tab will similarly display a list of the reports, dashboards, and folders shared by all users.

Initially, the Personal Reports page will not have any reports, dashboards, or folders to list or manage.

  • Click the Add button to create new reports, dashboards or folders.

Once reports, dashboards or folders are created, they will appear on this page and the following functions are the available:

  • Add — hover over the Add button to display the dropdown list to create a report, dashboard or folder
  • Delete — click on the Delete button to remove selected items from the list
  • Copy — click on the Copy button to replicate the selected items
  • Move — click on the Move button to move the selected items to another location
  • Find Reports — click on the Find Reports button to search the Name column for the associated text.

The Action Menu column, on the far right, contains a hidden menu that allows you to perform actions on an individual report. Click on the Custom_Reporting-ActionArrow.gif icon to view the available actions.

Additionally, you can also perform the following activities:

  • Select All items in the list by clicking on the checkbox in the list header. This checkbox can also be used to deselect all items in the list
  • Sort the items in the list by clicking on the Name or Last Modified header. Clicking a second time will reverse the sort order.
  • Select individual Items in the list by clicking on the checkbox within a row. Clicking a second time will deselect the item in the list
  • Run a Report or Dashboard by clicking on the Name of the report or dashboard
  • Navigate to Folder by clicking on the folder Name in the list

The following icons are used to identify each item in the list: