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Data Mart

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


The VersionOne Data Mart product provides a platform which enables you to analyze your development efforts using an RDBMS reporting tool. This analysis can be performed using built-in attributes, such as Estimate, Effort, and Owner, or custom attributes configured in your VersionOne instance.


The following diagram illustrates how the Data Mart components integrate with your core VersionOne instance.

DataMart Architecture.png


The Data Mart database is a de-normalized representation of your highly-normalized VersionOne operational database.  The Data Mart database has been optimized for analytics and reporting and is populated from the operational system using an extract-transform-load program, often referred to as an ETL or a data mart load utility.  You must run the ETL periodically to update the Data Mart database.


When installing the Data Mart components, we recommend placing the ETL process on the database server.  This will reduce network traffic when performing the extract and load operations.  If the Data Mart database is on a separate server from the operational database, we recommend installing the ETL on the same machine as the Data Mart database because there is typically less data during extraction.

Additional Details

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