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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

The VersionOne Data Mart is loaded using a utility program referred to as the Data Mart loader or ETL. This utility Extracts data from your VersionOne production database, Transforms that data into the data mart format, and then Loads the data mart database. After installation you may run the program from the commandline or create a Windows scheduled task to periodically run the program.

Install the Data Mart load utility

The Data Mart installer is documented here.  This utility will:

  • Create your Data Mart database with a runtime SQL login
  • Add a read-only SQL login to your V1:Agile Enterprise database
  • Configure the VersionOne.DatamartLoader.exe.config database connection strings for both databases

After running setup, it's recommended that you:

  1. Run the Data Mart loader from the command-line (filename: VersionOne.DatamartLoader.exe).
  2. Set the Data Mart database to Simple recovery mode.
  3. Add a database maintenance task to regularly 'Shrink' the data mart database, as full/incremental loads may grow the log unnecessarily.

Running the Data Mart load utility

The first time the Data Mart loader runs it will perform a Full load of of the Data Mart. Subsequent executions will perform an Incremental load, importing any new data since midnight of the last full day a load was run.  Midnight is determined using the TimeZone setting in the VersionOne instance.  This setting can be found on System Configuration page in Administration (Administration | Configuration | System).

Using the Data Mart

Once the initial load is complete, your data mart database is ready for use. You can test the install by running any of the example queries included in this document.

The data mart loader needs to be re-executed periodically (e.g. nightly) to perform incremental loads to keep your data mart database up-to-date. This can be accomplished using the Scheduled Task feature in Windows. In most Windows Operating Systems this feature is accessed from the Control Panel or Administrative Tools.