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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Tagging is a lightweight, flexible way for different groups to organize data according to their needs.  To create reports on Tags, or to use Tags in filters, use the Bridge.Tags table.

Table Description

Column Name Description Datatype
AssetKey Identifies the Tagged Asset.  int
Value Identifies the tag value nvarchar(1000)

Technical Details

This table contain 1 row for each tag-able asset and each tag. Therefore, if a Story contains 3 tags, there are 3 rows in this table for that story, each row has one of the tag values.

This table is not historical.  The Data Mart does not support reporting on historical tag values.

Tag List Views

Views exist to consolidate tag values to their asset. This can make reporting on Tags easier.  The views are:

  • Dim.EpicTagListView
  • Dim.IssueTagListView
  • Dim.PrimaryWorkitemTagListView
  • Dim.RegressionTestTagListView
  • Dim.RequestTagListView
  • Dim.SecondaryWorkitemTagListView