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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

In VersionOne Regression Suites are paired with an Environment to generate a Test Set which will be scheduled for execution with a given iteration. The Environment is the technical setup used for running tests, such as operating system, client, database, etc. This table contains Type 1 data for the Environments defined in your VersionOne instance.

Table Description

Column Name Description DataType
EnvironmentKey Datamart unique identifier for this Environment int
EnvironmentOid VersionOne unique identifier for this Environment int
EnvironmentName Name nvarchar
EnvironmentDisplayId Environment Identifier visible in VersionOne grids varchar
EnvironmentProjectName Name of Project where Environment is defined nvarchar
EnvironmentProjectKey Foreign Key to the Project where this Environment is defined int
EnvironmentAssetState AssetState for this Environment varchar
EnvironmentCreatedByName Name of Member that created this Environment nvarchar
EnvironmentLastModifiedByName Name of Member that last modified this Environment nvarchar
EnvironmentCreateDateUTC UTC Date when this Environment was created datetime
EnvironmentLastModifiedDateUTC UTC Date of when this Environment was last modified datetime
EnvironmentCreatedByKey Foreign Key the the Dim.Member that created this Environment int
EnvironmentLastModifiedByKey Foreign Key the the Dim.Member that last modified this Environment int