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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

VersoinOne Goals are used to help align project-level work with organizational objectives. This table contains Type 1 data for Goals defined in your VersionOne instance.

Table Description

Column Name Description DataType
GoalKey Datamart unique identifier for this Goal int
GoalOid VersionOne unique identifier for this Goal int
GoalName Goal Name nvarchar
GoalDisplayId Goal Identifier visible in VersionOne grids varchar
GoalType Goal Type nvarchar
GoalPriority Goal Priority nvarchar
GoalProjectName Name of Project where Goal is defined nvarchar
GoalAssetState Asset State for this Goal varchar
GoalProjectKey Foreign Key to the Project where this Goal is defined int
GoalCreatedByName Name of Member that created this Goal nvarchar
GoalLastModifiedByName Name of Member that last modified this Goal nvarchar
GoalCreateDateUTC UTC Date when this Goal was created datetime
GoalLastModifiedDateUTC UTC Date of when this Goal was last modified datetime
GoalCreatedByKey Foreign Key the the Member that created this Goal int
GoalLastModifiedByKey Foreign Key the the Member that last modified this Goal int