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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Programs in VersionOne are a cross-hierarchical collection of projects used for filtering and reporting purposes. This table contains Type 1 data for Programs defined in your VersionOne instance.

Table Description

Column Name Description Datatype
ProgramKey Datamart unique identifier for this Program int
ProgramOid VersionOne identifier for the Program int
ProgramName Program Name nvarchar
ProgramCreateDateUTC UTC Date Program was created datetime
ProgramLastModifiedDateUTC UTC Date Program was last modified datetime
ProgramCreatedByKey Foreign Key the the Member who created this Program int
ProgramLastModifiedByKey Foreign Key the the Member who last modified this Program int
ProgramCreateDateKey Foreign Key to Dim.Date for the Create Date int
ProgramLastModifiedDateKey Foreign Key to Dim.Date for the Last Modified Date int