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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

This is a single select list of the values available in the Theme Source dropdown. This table contains Type 1 data for the theme source values you have configured in your VersionOne instance.

Table Description

Column Name Description DataType
ThemeSourceKey Data Mart identifier for this data int
ThemeSourceOid VersionOne identifier for this data int
ThemeSourceName Name varchar
ThemeSourceOrder The order this value appears in the VersionOne dropdown list int
ThemeSourceAssetState State of this value (Active or Closed) varchar
ThemeSourceCreateDateUTC Date and time this value was created datetime
ThemeSourceLastModifiedDateUTC Date and time this value was last modified datetime
ThemeSouceCreatedByKey Data Mart identifier of the Dim.Member that created this value  int
ThemeSourceLastModifiedByKey Data Mart identifier of the Dim.Member that last modified this value int
ThemeSourceCreateDateKey Foreign Key to Dim.Date for the Create Date int
ThemeSourceLastModifiedDateKey Foreign Key to Dim.Date for the Last Modified Date int