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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

The Fact.PrimaryWorkitemDaysIn table contain information about how many days a Story, Defect, or TestSet spent in a given Status value. Each row in the table represents a single Story, Defect, or TestSet was in a given status value.  The DateKey is always set the the maximum date value from Fact.PrimaryWorkitem. It is important to note that oscillation between status values is not reflected in this table. Therefore, the "DaysInStatus" value may be greater than the value determined when you subtract FirstDateInStatus from LastDateInStatus.

Table Description

The following table describes the columns available in the default table.

Column Name Description Datatype Foreign Key To
DateKey Maximum Date in Fact.PrimaryWorkitem int Dim.Date
PrimaryWorkitemKey Data Mart identifier for the PrimaryWorkitem int Dim.PrimaryWorkitem
WorkitemStatusKey   Data Mart identifier for the Workitem Status value int Dim.WorkitemStatus
DaysInStatus The number of Days that this Primary Workitem was in this status value int  
FirstDateInStatus  The First Date this Primary Workitem was seen in this status value datetime  
LastDateInStatus The Last Date this Primary Workitem  was seen in this status value datetime