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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

The Fact.Task table contain metrics available on VersionOne Task. Each row in the table represents a single Task on a given day. All metrics in the table are semi-additive, meaning that are cumulative only for a given day.

The following metrics are available from this table

  • Detail Estimate
  • ToDo
  • Done
  • Supported Custom Fields defined on Task

Detail Estimate



  • Done attribute for the Task.  This value represents the amount of Effort recorded against the Task, regardless of of other attributes.  The value is correct, but not always historically accurate.  For more information, see the notes on Fact.Effort.
  • VersionOne Reports using this metric

Table Description

The following table describes the columns available in the default table.

Column Name Description Datatype Foreign Key To
DateKey Date of this measure int Dim.Date
WorkitemKey Data Mart identifier for the Task int  
AssetTypeKey Data Mart identifier for the type of workitem int Dim.AssetType
PrimaryWorkitemKey Data Mart identifier for the PrimaryWorkitem that owns this Task int Dim.PrimaryWorkitem
SecondaryWorkitemKey Data Mart identifier for the Task int Dim.SecondaryWorkitem
ProjectKey Data Mart identifier for the Project containing this Task int Dim.Project
IterationKey Data Mart identifier for the Iteration containing this Task int Dim.Iteration
TeamKey Data Mart identifier for the Team assigned to this Task int Dim.Team
TaskStatusKey Data Mart identifier for the Task status int Dim.TaskStatus
TaskTypeKey Data Mart identifier for the Task Type int Dim.TaskType
TaskSourceKey Data Mart identifier for the Task Source int Dim.WorkitemSource
SecondaryAssetStateKey Data Mart identifier for the asset state of the Task int Dim.AssetState
DetailEstimate Detail Estimate measure (Note 1) real  
ToDo ToDo measure (Note 1) real  
Done Done measure (Note 1) real  

Note 1: This field is populated based on the Tracking Level settings in your VersionOne instance.