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Basic Authentication


As of the Winter 2015 release, Lifecycle supports its own type of Access Token Authentication. Lifecycle Access Tokens are far easier to create and use than the other authentication mechanisms, and is the recommend approach as it can be used no matter if your Lifecycle instance is configured for Basic, Windows Integrated Authentication, or a third-party SSO authentication method like SAML.

To authenticate with an endpoint using Basic Authentication, the initial request should include the member's Username and Password encoded into a Basic Authentication HTTP header. These credentials will be used by the system to log in, and the request will be processed in the context of that Member. The response will include, as a cookie, an Authentication Ticket, which serves as proof to the system that the Member has previously logged in successfully. If this Authentication Ticket cookie is returned to the server on each subsequent request, then the system can treat the Member as authenticated without performing a full log-in again.

While it is possible to simply use Basic Authorization on every request, it is more efficient to return the Authorization Ticket on each request after the first.