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Attribute Types

List of Attribute Types
Attribute Type Data Type Value Type? Description
Boolean boolean Yes true or false
Numeric double Yes floating point number
Date datetime Yes date and possibly time
Duration string Yes a string with syntax N UnitType where N is an integer and UnitType is Days, Weeks, or Months
Text string Yes string limited to 4000 characters
LongText string Yes String limited by database. Often contains html or rich text.
Password string Yes A string that represents the password for a login. A password attribute type is write-only. It can never be retrieved.
Relation Oid No a relationship to another asset
Rank Rank No An arbitrary object that represents one rank object relative to another
AssetType AssetType No the name or token of an asset type
Opaque Opaque No An internal value that has no external meaning.
State integer No A number that corresponds to an internal asset state of an asset.
Blob Blob No A stream of binary data such as the content of an Attachment asset.