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This endpoint provides read-only access to the activity streams for assets and entities within VersionOne.

The activity stream is not guaranteed to contain every change to an asset. To get a full accounting of all changes, you must use the asset history.


URL Form <Server Base URI>/api/ActivityStream/<OID Token> or <Asset Number>
Authentication Application
HTTP Request Verb HTTP GET
Response Content Type application/json

Request Parameters

anchorDate Datetime to use in selecting the returned activity. Defaults to 'now'.
direction 'Forward' or 'Back'. Controls whether activity earlier or later than the anchor date will be returned. Defaults to 'Back'.
maxCount Number of activities to return. Defaults to 25.

A comma-separated list of verbs to act as a filter on the activity returned. By default, no filter is applied.

Valid verbs are:

  • Added
  • Blocked
  • Deleted
  • Deprecated
  • Closed
  • Created
  • Moved
  • Reopened
  • Removed
  • UnBlocked
  • Updated
  • Undeleted
  • Activated
  • Deactivated



View the most recent 5 activities for story 'S-1234'

<Server Base URI>/api/ActivityStream/S-1234?maxCount=5



To page back through the activity stream for an asset, use the time of the oldest activity in the current page as the anchorDate in the query for the next page.

<Server Base URI>/api/ActivityStream/S-01047?anchorDate=2014-04-22T15%3A19%3A00.9138323Z

The response is as follows.

        "body": {
            "actor": {
                "id": "Member:1065",
                "assetType": "Member",
                "displayName": "Tammy Coder",
                "username": "tammy",
                "email": "",
                "avatar": "Image:1936"
            "verb": "Updated",
            "object": {
                "id": "Story:1220",
                "assetType": "Story",
                "displayName": "Delete RMA",
                "number": "S-01047",
                "assetState": "Active",
                "scope": "Scope:1258"
            "time": "2014-04-22T14:11:01.1175003Z",
            "summary": "Tammy Coder Updated Story 'Delete RMA'",
            "provider": {
                "stream": "MetaStream",
                "commitSeq": "237",
                "commitId": "01a7b036-01f9-47a1-86b0-17a9c4c25544"
            "target": [
                    "name": "Timebox",
                    "newValue": {
                        "id": "Timebox:1785",
                        "assetType": "Timebox",
                        "displayName": "Sprint 6",
                        "assetState": "Future"
                    "oldValue": "",
                    "verb": "Set",
                    "summary": "Timebox was Set to 'Sprint 6'"
                    "name": "Estimate",
                    "newValue": "3.00",
                    "oldValue": "2.00",
                    "verb": "Set",
                    "summary": "Estimate was Set to '3.00'"
                    "name": "Priority",
                    "newValue": "Medium",
                    "oldValue": "High",
                    "verb": "Set",
                    "summary": "Priority was Set to 'Medium'"
                    "name": "Risk",
                    "newValue": "Low",
                    "oldValue": "High",
                    "verb": "Set",
                    "summary": "Risk was Set to 'Low'"