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This endpoint provides metadata about the kinds of things stored in Lifecycle. This includes getting information about the asset types, attribute definitions, relationships and operations. The meta.v1 endpoint allows a client of the API to discover various pieces of information such as which attribute definitions are required, what content is valid for an attribute, and which attributes belong to which asset types.

Using your Browser

Visit the meta.v1 endpoint of your server. Add the xsl parameter to see a formatted view and navigate the Meta document. The final URL might look like:


For more information on the model see:


URL Form <Server Base URI>/meta.v1
<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/<Asset Type>[/<Attribute Definition> | /<Operation>]
Authentication None
HTTP Request Verb HTTP GET
Response Content Type text/xml

Salient Features of the XML Response

Meta Version

All responses from meta.v1 contain the version of the application.

Base Attribute

The Base attribute indicates a derived relationship. For example, Story derives from PrimaryWorkitem so Story's Base Attribute is a reference to PrimaryWorkitem.


AttributeDefinitions may have an XML attribute isrequired set to true.

Read Only

AttributeDefinitions may have an XML attribute isreadonly set to true.

Attribute Type

AttributeDefinition have an XML attribute attributetype to indicate the Attribute Type.

Requests Specify Scope of Response

There are 4 ways to retrieve information from meta.v1. You can retrieve all of the metadata in one large response, you can retrieve a specific asset type's information, or you can retrieve information for an attribute definition or an operation.


A Single Response with All Metadata

The following requests all asset types in a single, large response.

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1

An Asset Type

The following requests the description of the Story asset type.

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story

An Attribute Definition

The following requests the description of the Name attribute on the Story asset type.

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story/Name

An Operation

The following requests the description of the Delete operation on the Story asset type.

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story/Delete