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This endpoint was introduced in 13.2, Summer 2013. Please check Support Center -> About to see if you are on this release or later.

This endpoint provides read-only access to assets. When HTTP round-trip time dominates the query response time, it can be useful to submit many queries in one HTTP transaction. This endpoint accepts an arbitrary number of independent queries. They are submitted to the retrieval subsystem in parallel. This endpoint also allows retrieval of arbitrarily nested master/detail and hierarchical relationships. For example, you can retrieve all the Schedules in a Scope, all the Iterations in the Schedules, and all the Workitems in the Iterations, all in one go.

Queries are expressed in a readable style using YAML or JSON.

This endpoint responds with JSON. The response format is a simple name-to-value mapping of attributes to their values. It contains very little metadata, and yields a usable object when deserialized by most JSON decoders. It is not necessary to write code that "unpacks" the returned data.


URL Form <Server Base URI>/query.v1
Authentication Application
Response Content Type application/json