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This endpoint provides a template for creating new assets. A new asset template contains suggested attribute values for a new asset. These values can be changed and new attributes added. Then the whole template can be posted to rest-1.v1/Data to create a new asset. Often a new asset should be created in the "context" of another asset. For example, if you ask for a new Story asset in the context of an Request asset, the new Story asset will carry over some attributes from the Request. A few of these attributes are the Name, Description, Scope, and a relationship back to the originating Request.

This endpoint does not attempt to prepopulate required attributes. Therefore, required attributes must be added to the template before posting back to rest-1.v1/Data.


URL Form <Server Base URI>/rest-1.v1/New/<asset type>?ctx=<OID Token>
Authentication Application
HTTP Request Verb HTTP GET
Response Content Type text/xml

Request Parameters


The following requests the basic Story template. Since no context was provided, no attributes can be prepopulated.

<Server Base URI>/rest-1.v1/New/Story

The following requests a Story template with a Scope as context.

<Server Base URI>/rest-1.v1/New/Story?ctx=Scope:0

The following requests a Story template with a Request as context.

<Server Base URI>/rest-1.v1/New/Story?ctx=Request:1684