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GitHub Repositories

Why does VersionOne do open source?

  • So we can include more people. Building and maintaining projects as open source helps us reach our distributed community and engage them to better balance demand against development capacity.
  • So you can compose your tool chain. Open source protects people from vendor lock-in and fosters technical standards that make it easier to plug tools together.
  • So you can automate incrementally. Open source enables change throughout the ecosystem so tool evolution is less disruptive.

Our SDKs and integrations have always been available as free and open-source projects. To better support the needs people who want to fork, develop, and contribute to these projects, we have begun an effort to migrate the projects to GitHub. For developers with an interest in contributing, we encourage you to fork a repo today.

Available Repositories

Repository Description
tools-CopyDb Command-line tool for copying SQL Server databases
scripts Various SQL Scripts for modifying your Digital.aiAgility database - please do not use without contacting Digital.aiAgility support.
git-hooks Some useful git-hooks for integrating with Digital.aiAgility
VersionOne.SDK.NET.APIClient A library for .NET development with the Digital.aiAgility REST API.
OAuth2Client.Net Basic OAuth2 client for .NET providing an easy way to authenticate to OAuth2-protected endpoints.


A library for custom Python development against the Digital.aiAgility Platform's REST-based API.


A library for Java development with the Digital.aiAgility REST API.


Grammars for various languages used in Digital.aiAgility
VersionOne.Provisioning.LDAP Synchronize Digital.aiAgility Members with LDAP users
VersionOne.SDK.CommandLine Scripts and commands to ease working with the Digital.aiAgility HTTP API via the command line.
VersionOne.SDK.NET.ObjectModel A strongly-typed object model library on top of the Digital.aiAgility SDK.NET API Client library.
VersionOne.SDK.Java.ObjectModel A strongly-typed object model library on top of the Digital.aiAgility SDK.Java API Client library.
VersionOne.SDK.Experimental Contains experimental code related to the Digital.aiAgility SDK.